Yingyi’s 21st! 

so this is probably my first post about lifestyle HAHAHA
Went to Yingyi’s birthday party today! and it was fun ! ❤️ I loved the food there and the people there were nice too hahaha 😂😂 oh and not to mention one of my friends won the championship yay well done!

So well at the end of the birthday party , all of us went in to take pictures 😂
And me & shixian were like nooo coz usually pictures don’t turn out fine for us 😂 因为自己拍的永远都会是自己最美的角度,自己最满意的角度~
and when we looked at the pictures , 
Me: why my fringe like that 

Her : I look fat
Then we started to laugh , and laugh 😂 and she got mad coz she’s asking me whether 我在默认她 fat 😂😂 
突然觉得友谊就是这样的,简简单单。不是因为你美,不是因为你聪明,不是因为你有钱,更不是因为利益,最重要的不是因为你完美,而是虽然从中看到了缺陷,还是能从心底接受不完美的你 ❤️
以前看到头发乱的我应该会抓狂,但如今不知道为什么,却觉得温馨~ ☺️
Ps, 我没喝醉啊!!!!


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