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DAY 2 OF JAPAN- What to eat in Nishiki Market? (Kyoto)

How to get to Japan? Accommodation and Travel ~

Day 1 – Venturing Kyoto

Hello guys !!! If you want more information about the previous days, the links are above!

We went to Kyoto’s Nishiki Market and Nara on day 2 but i am going to split the post into two to make reading easier !

so when you hear the name Nishiki Market, what would be the first thing that comes to your mind?

YESSS ! FOOD ! Be it vegetables or fish or meat or even seafood! HAHAHA !

Nishiki Market is one of Kyoto’s famous landmark, with food stores that lead to a shrine and various shopping stores scattered along the shrine.

Without further delay, let us move onto the food that we tried in Nishiki Market!

  1. Octopus and Quail Egg (300 YEN)

I actually did research and people would always exclaim that this is a delicacy although I find it cruel to stuff a quail egg into an octopus’s head *gasp*

Okay, honestly, I am even more cruel to eat it lor *sigh*

Anyway, the octopus was delicious *guilty* HAHA~

The stall vendors also handled the food very well by covering it so it would not be exposed to the air/get dirty/attract insects

Verdict: 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

2. Tamago Roll (390 YEN)

This pizza looking Tamago actually caught my eye so I got it.

I find it delicious but its kinda cool (the feeling that it was left out in the open for too long)?? I would prefer it to be either cold or hot. Its more towards the neutral side which makes me feel weird.

Still, this is due to my personal preference and the egg is still considered delicious!

They also sell other types of egg rolls!

Verdict: 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

3. Yuzu Juice (370 YEN)

Yuzu is a famous fruit in Japan ! The drink is refreshing, cooling and yummy! Even better if you just ate fried food! *thumbs up *

Verdict: 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

4. Tako Yaki (200 YEN)

Okay honestly I used to think this was super delicious until I tried the ones in Osaka hahaha ~

The Tako-yaki is nicer, incomparable to the ones in Singapore omg.

Also, priced at 200 yen, it’s very reasonable.

Although it is not as good as Osaka’s, it is delicious and mouth watering ~

Hence, I am still going to give it a 5 thumbs up.

Verdict: 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

5. Sashimi Sticks (250 YEN)

Fresh Thick Sashimi on a stick OMG like ice lollies HAHA but sliced into cubes ~

The vendors will pour lemon juice generously on the sashimi sticks *starry-eyed*

The salmon is which and delicious, definitely super worth the money OMG

Also, condiments such as wasabi and shoe are by the side ❤

Verdict: 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

6.Kotohoka Kyoto Niku- which translates to Kyoto’s beef bun (450 YEN)

Well, honestly I was quite disappointed with the number of fillings in it ! So little!

The bun itself is super delicious but I feel that gauging from the price why so stingy with the beef *frowns*

Also the beef was just so-so. No sauce, nothing flavourful.

The bun skin was tender though.

Although I would praise them for passing me a hot bun~

Verdict: 👍🏻👍🏻

#note for 7 and 8 they combined  the 2 together but the taste is so different so I separated the two!

Above: Dango, Below: Egg plant

  1. Egg plant on a stick (100 YEN)

This is delicious. Legit. I never tasted such yummy eggplant ❤ along with the sauce that compliments it, so here I am complimenting it now ~

verdict: 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  1. Dango on a stick (100 YEN)

I would not say the same for the dango. I am so sorry but the thing was so sticky that it stuck to my teeth and I had a hard time getting the thing out 😦

The sauce does not match the dango and it was disgusting. it is like a dark sauce (bitter) on top of something sweet.

verdict: – nooo

9.Soy milk doughnuts

This is INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS OMG I mean considering the fact that they fried the doughnuts, this was really perfect because it DID NOT have any after oil taste. omg.

The soy milk can be felt in the doughnuts ~ Its not too strong , not too mild. Just right.

Verdict: 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


What more can I say omg after so many 5 thumbs up review HAHAHA ~ This is delicious! I can feel the soya sauce taste omg and its super crispy!!!

verdict: 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


It is literally like a food paradise and we haven’t even reached Osaka which is a renowned food paradise omg. Spare me, i can feel the fats coming yet my brain kept telling me, “HEY JUST EAT!”

So these are the food that me and bf tried, but there are still various stalls around selling raw food, souvenirs, snacks and so on.

Selling raw fish~

selling pet food ~

Self grill mochi station HAHA how cool is that !

Matcha machine !

A closer view !

Nuts !

Souvenir Shops!

Restaurants in there !

They even sold rice !

Came across a snoopy’s character cafe ! cute !

Snack Shops !

Bentos !

SAKE ! (Japanese Wine)

Raw meat !

Socks !

MOMO CHICKEN (bf literally laughed because momo was my nickname that he gave)

Fish cakes ~

Fresh pickles were also displayed for sampling ~

At the end of the Nishiki Market Trail, you would be able to see a shrine and horizontal would be shops scattered around (clothes, accessories etc)

We went into the shrine to pray and then we went to DAISO which was just 2 shops away ~


I literally stood at the food corner looking at the food all the way. JUST TAKE MY MONEY TAKE MY MONEY AND GIVE ME THE FOOD . HAHAHA ~


 this concludes our trip to Nishiki Market!

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So the trip starts with KYOTO!

When we arrived at the KANSAI airport, we had to take the JR railway train to Kyoto. Everything was so cute ~ literally omg.

The train arrival sounds were cute, people were cute, vending machines were cute, I am cute (No la joking) HAHAHA

So the trip took us around ~45 mins and we got to sleep on the train ^^

After leaving our bags in the hotel lobby because it wasn’t time to check in (check in is at 3 pm!), we went out to start our exploration for the day!

I told my friends that the first thing I would do when I go to JAPAN would be to try the NISSIN cup noodles.

Okay sounds ridiculous but I really love Nissin because the noodles are extraordinary! *cheers*

If you disagree with me, too bad. HAHA.

Okay so we went into a 7-11 convenience store and got ourselves cup noodles

THEY REALLY HAVE MANY SIZES HERE HAHA! The mini sized cup noodle is really cute HAHA! Probably for kids or for those who wants something small!

They also had TOMYUM cup noodles hahaha !
I got the KING SIZED one (of course!) and the verdict was yum!

The noodles were delicious, they were chewy and the soup was delicious! However, it is COMPARABLE to Singapore’s NISSIN so I would give Singapore a pat on the back for that,

well, they DID get the noodles from Japan, right? haha!

We went on to try the HARAJUKU eggs! So the Harajuku eggs is actually a Japanese version of soft boiled eggs with a slightly runny egg yolk inside the egg. It can be served cold or warm~

Honestly, i don’t even have to rate the food here! I’ll give it a 5 Thumbs up! HAHA !

If you tried Singapore’s Harajuku eggs and loved it, do try the ones here too!
The ones in Japan are more flavourful with a strong taste that explodes in your mouth without leaving any sticky feeling that hard boiled egg yolks normally give and would get stuck in between your teeth yucks ><!

Oh they also serve fried food in 7-11! HEHE !

Then off we go to Kyoto Bus Interchange ~

If you guys are in Kyoto, please do remember to buy the one-day city bus pass here!

There’s a vending machine for it everywhere and the Japanese are really considerate to place English speaking guides around to guide us because it was really crowded there!

So off we go to our first stop… THE GOLDEN TEMPLE! (KINAKU-JI)

the ride was super long ZOMG. I had a lot of sightseeing but it was really far away , took us about 45mins to one hour ??

When we finally reached out station, we were thrilled! There were a lot of MATCHA stores around the entrance but sadly bf and I don’t like matcha.
This is something we both really agree on haha and so matcha doesn’t appeal to us!

Still, matcha fans can get some matcha ice cream or souvenirs made out of matcha !!

The temple was really big and while walking bf wanted to ring the bell for blessings and so we did it together!

It was 200 Yen but at the end, we receive a postcard as a souvenir so it isn’t that bad after all HEHE!

There was an admission fee to enter the temple, and tickets were actually made out of amulets which were pretty cool.

It was a 15-20 min walk around the golden plated temple and as we walk along the area we saw people tossing coins and was curious what was it for.

In the end, we found out that those people were trying to get the coin into the bowl placed in front of the statues because they believed that good luck/blessings/wishes would be granted to those who manage to toss it into the bowl.

Many failed but kept trying (including BF and me haha). There were many statues around ^^

At the end of the route, there were souvenirs stores selling amulet (even cute ones omg!) that you can purchase!
Be it for good health, luck, studies, wealth, love, marriage… You name it, they have it! ^^

There was a shrine at the end so we prayed for our families to be safe and healthy.

So the steps to pray in a Japanese Shrine are as follow:

1) Pass through the torii gate. All shrines have a torii gate, even if they do not have a main sanctuary housing the spirit of a deity. …

2) Purify your hands and mouth at the “te Mizu ya” water pavilion…

3) At the altar, bow twice, clap your hands twice and then bow once to pray.

It is important to respect the Japanese culture so do remember to not do anything impolite there ^^

Also, the Japanese believe in drawing lots. It is a little different from how the Chinese do it because lots are drawn from a little machine/box(like lucky draw haha)

They believe that if you get good lots, bring it back with you but if you get a bad/average lot, hang it by the liners ~

So moving onto our next stop, we went to Omuro Ninnaji

We bought drinks from the vending machine on the way and it was really nice ~
The weather is also very nice haha ~ 17 degrees with the sun blasting ~

The bus from Kinaku Ji took us to Omuro Ninnaji which was a smaller temple but we decided to take a look since it is on the way.

Honestly, there are a lot of shrines and temples in Kyoto so everywhere you go you’ll be like “ HEY THATS A SHRINE/TEMPLE!” HAHA

We took the train from the Omuro Ninnaji to our next station, “ARASHI YAMA”

The train is really cute omg haha it reminds me of those cartoon train haha just look at it!

Anyway, Arashi Yama is a place where you guys really have to go because there are a lot of attractions there! Remember to also not go late because the shops close at 6 pm!


1. Rent Kimonos


Bf in his kimono!!

Please do !!! So that you can take pictures here with the wonderful sightings !!!

Before coming to this place, do make a comparison on the various stores that rents out kimonos!

There are some stores that give out special discounts at various timings or on special events!

BF and I got our kimonos from “Studio Kokoro”! The staff was friendly and nice!

We were given choices and there were different styles you could choose from!
For me, I let them decide whatever they wanna do for me and they chose a pink kimono for me! it was a doll up session ^^

Also, they styled my hair! A Japanese pouch as an accessory was also given! ^^

That was also the place where I made my first attempt to speak to the lady who was styling my hair!
To my surprise, she was just a year older than me!
She also told me that Kyoto was famous for Yube (Tofu) and delicious food was just across the street!

After everything was ready, they would give you around 2.5-3 hours to walk around in your kimono for you to take pictures! ^^

I was a little conscious when we walked out because if we did this in Singapore we would probably be judged and stared at but it is perfectly normal in Japan! Yay!

I love Japan *Nods*

2. Visit Arashiyama Owl Cafe

Bf literally squealed when he saw that cafe even though i squealed louder HAHAHA

So the owls were there and we can walk through the forest petting the owls staying as long as want !

The owls were really cute, although I really pity them because they have a chain to prevent them from flying away T_T

Some seemed happy, some were tamed, some seemed really scared though. 😦
Some looked really shocked as if I was a hunter @.@

All in all, it was a nice experience mingling with the owls! And oh they have names! Some would respond when you call out to them!!!

Ps, There is a cat cafe beside it too if you love cats! ^^

3. EAT the food there !!

Omg the YUBE is a must try delicacy !!! It’s actually fried tofu dipped in IDK what sauce but it’s so delicious because there are delicious fillings in it (cheese etc)

The seaweed senbei is also a must try! Although many reviews were raving about how good the senbei is in Nishiki market, I find the senbei here delicious too!
Please do try the BEEF DON here too!!!!

For only 400 YEN, we were served beef with rice with a flavorful sauce that was exceptionally delicious!

Free ocha (Japanese green tea) was served!
If you cannot take beef, the udon is super delicious too! ^^


4. Picnic by the river ~

the breeze is really cool, with an evenly spread out area that is not populated with human, you can enjoy a nice scenic view with the person beside you/alone (if you are a solo travel)

5. Visit Bamboo Groves

A unique place filled with bamboos! Hey, don’t laugh! It is really a nice cooling place HAHAHA especially for nice pictures because the bamboos are stacked together nicely HAHA
On the way, there are also food stalls that sell TAKOYAKI and RAMEN so prepare your money people HAHAHA

5. Get souvenirs

PLEASE get the nuts from there omg it is so delicious and is even more valid if it comes from a person like me who doesn’t like nuts to begin with!
Kyoto has MAMEMASA nuts which refer to mixed nuts yummy! It is so flavorful and delicious! How would I know before buying it? From the samples la of course!
The stall owners were very generous with the samples and mind you, it is not expensive at all!!! with the price ranging from 300-500 YEN depending on how many grams you get?
And before that, I haven’t even counted the ones i ate HAHA!

Amulets are everywhere and you can get some to bless your family and friends although some may be overpriced! Of course, you would have to believe in it! It can also be used as an accessory!

It was really late afterward so we decided to end our day here by going back to our hotel to rest ~ Long way back though but really worth it!
I love how everything is so quiet after 6 pm and we can hear peaceful music being played (NOT HALLUCINATING GUYS HAHA !)

So whats for supper ?

Bf wanted to try 7-11 ready to eat meals so we kinda tried to control ourselves to not grab everything HAHAHA but all of them really looked delicious !!

So we bought

1. Tuna and egg sushi
2. Curry Rice
3. Cold Noodles
4. Harajuku Eggs (YES AGAIN OMG)
5. Vegetables (Salad)
6. Drinks

BF literally screamed “MOMO TRY THIS” while I mixed my noodles
Okay I am not exaggerating here BUT the standard of a 7-11 CURRY RICE IN JAPAN = THE STANDARD OF COCO ICHIBAN (OR EVEN BETTER!!!!)

OH MY GOD. I have never tasted such tender meat and I’m not exaggerating you guys must try it okay!!!! but sorry no pics coz bf ate the whole thing before i could take any! *facepalms*

The Tuna and egg sushi tasted so homely that I really wonder is it really from a convenience store because I’ll gladly pay for this at a premium sushi shop!!! *GASP*

I never liked tuna because of its smelly fishy smell but this one was delicious… WITH CORN OMG !!!

The eggs, needless to say, was great!

The cold noodles were delicious even though there was wasabi in it !! :O Reminds me of Taiwan’s Sesame cold noodles (麻酱面) without sesame & it was delicious !

The salad was fresh ~ I wonder why Singapore 7-11 doesn’t serve salad 😦 Healthy living ought to be promoted even in convenience store ~
With that, we conclude our first day in KYOTO to be an eye opener *Claps*

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How to get to Japan? Accommodation and Travel ~

Day one-venturing Kyoto

Sorry for missing in action for a long time guys!! I was really busy and also was on a trip to the land of food …

So this trip includes 3 places that I went to Kyoto, Nara, and Osaka!
Kyoto was famous for its 柚餅子! It’s actually a tofu filled with cheese or other fillings and is deep fried!

Nara is filled with wildlife and is famous for its pickles !!

Osaka, needless to say, would be the best stop for all time favorites takoyaki!! Yum! Not forgetting famous ramen!!

Ever heard of the saying ” wear kimonos til you drop in Kyoto and eat til you drop in Osaka ?”

Well, now you have! 😂

So let’s start all the way back to how to plan to get to these places, especially if it’s your first time there!

Firstly, you have 2 choices, one is to book a tour and the other is without a tour !

If you choose to book a tour, be sure to get reviews on the tour and whether it suits your preference!

If you are like me, who prefers free and easy. Then do remember to

1. Research for places of interest

2. Reviews are super important

3. Whether you have sufficient time to cover the places of interest

4. The types of train you would have to get

5. Book your tickets early!

All in all, an itinerary is super important if you choose to go free and easy! An added bonus if you have relatives/friends who have been to Japan so you can seek advice from them! 🤗

In Japan, there are a few types of trains coming onto the same lane so it’s really important to take note of the type of train and the destination it is going towards. If it’s your first time there, it’s really easy to get confused by the systems there ~ if you have no clue on how to speak Japanese, it would be better to download a Japanese-English dictionary! Even though the people there speaks English, it’s minimal and sometimes it’s really difficult to communicate with them with 0 knowledge on Japanese!

Different train systems:

From the fastest …

1.新幹線- the fastest but most expensive train! it kinda took us only 15 mins from Kyoto to Osaka but the price is also very hefty! People planning to go to Tokyo from Osaka definitely have to take this to save time because it only takes 3-4hours!

2.特急: The limited express train! So this would actually bring you to specific destinations, usually those that are popular. The stops in between would be skipped so imagine the time that would be saved! *clap* there’s also reserved and non reserved seats ! On a peak day/hour do get the reserved seat but if it’s just a normal day the non reserved seat will do!! 😊  erm and yeah the reserved seat definitely costs more!

3. 急行: express train~ definitely faster and less stops than the normal train!
4.普通: normal train! this is the slowest train that stops at every stop! If you have time and want to admire the scenery then this is the train that you would want to take! ^^

If it’s your first time to japan, it’s important to get the train pass (JR rail way pass) because it make things easier for you to travel around rather than having to buy tickets !

Also, if you are unclear of what to do in case plans have to be changed , a wifi plan would also be of help although there is wifi all around Kyoto ^^

Air tickets :

I would suggest you guys to book your air tickets earlier because earlier means lesser to pay! it’s an eight hour flight so please make sure you are comfortable ! 🤗


These are the places that I stayed during my days in Japan..
1. Kyoto APA hotel (in 京都 Kyoto)


a) Location is really easy to find. It is just located right beside the Kyoto Station (JR) and a 5 mins walk from the Kyoto Main station as well as Kyoto Bus station where there will be buses that take you the places of interest.

B) The hotel is comfortable but may be a little small for families. Although there is still room for luggage . The hotel has vending machines, which makes it very convenient if you want a drink 🤗 (yes ASASHI beer! Even though I don’t drink haha!) 7-11 is just right at the back of the hotel. There are also 2 more 7-11 in walking distance .

C)Toiletries are provided . There is a bath tub in the toilets . There are robes available for you.

D)Service is good . Staff are polite and ready to help.
Generally advised for those looking for a comfortable place but don’t mind the small walking place ! 😊

2. Osaka Red Roof Hotel (大阪)

I stayed for 3 nights in this hotel because there was one day spent in Universal Studios Japan. So there’s 2 days spent in the normal room and 1 day spent in the premium room!

Normal room: (pardon Bf who was already too tired and lying down)

Premium room:

Similar beddings but nicer view ^^


a) The two types of rooms do not have any bathtub.

b) The normal room has a weird smell to its toilet 🤔 not sure why.

c)Both rooms are very small. It is difficult to unpack luggage and have walking space at the same time.

d)Robes and normal toiletries were provided for the two types of rooms!

e) The premium room is much better as they provide snacks, additional robe towels and face masks 😍  Also, there is a nice view of the city from the window because premium rooms are only designated at the top 2 levels of the hotel. The premium room also provides a humidifier which really helps because the air in Japan is super dry x_x

f) The hotel’s location may be confusing to first-timers because there are many exits located in the NAMBA JR station but do remember it’s Exit (B26)! Also, you would have to take a long walk to the station itself which makes it really annoying. This can be forgiven if you love shopping because the long walk is surrounded by shops and restaurants! Yes ! In the station itself!

g) Also, Dotonbori, a popular tourist attraction, is less than a 5 min walk from the hotel!! Yay! You can just walk down for some street food and ramen!!
If you don’t mind the limited walking space and the fact that it doesn’t have a bathtub! Book this hotel! However, if you have more spare cash do get the premium room! ^^

3. Universal Studios Japan Kaihen Hotel



a)Kaihen hotel has the biggest space out of the 3 hotel. However the television is placed in a very weird position. With an empty wall in front of the bed (?) #OCD

b) The hotel has a bathtub. Toiletries were provided and their toiletries were super cute haha !!

c) Breakfast was alright , however the selections may not vary a lot . Also, you have to wake up at 7am for the breakfast to be able to dine at sky level (top floor) or else have to queue/go downstairs to have your meal because it will be full.

d) Room is a little dusty. However that is okay because there are air filters around for usage.

e) It is located near USJ which makes it a very convenient place . (Around 5 min walk)

f) There is a shopping mall right beside it so you can have your meal at restaurants and shop there . Also there is a mart downstairs ( the food is not good though, hard and cold)

g) they gave us our room card as a souvenir for visiting their hotel haha ^^

Overall ranking from the best:
1. Kyoto hotel

2. Osaka premium room

3. USJ hotel

4. Osaka normal room

Do note that it’s important to search up for reviews on hotel rooms so you would get somewhere comfortable to live in ^^

So if you are ready, buckle your seat belts on the plane and let’s go! 🎉

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5 things we tried in Johor Bahru Malaysia City Square!


Johor Bahru is part of Malaysia and is a place where many Singaporeans would go for to shop and dine! After crossing the checkpoint, there would be a mall (City Square) that is linked to the checkpoint…tada!

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 11.33.47 AM.png


so one fine day my friend ZX and I decided to explore this place and here are our findings..


  1. Penang Road Famous Teo Chew Chendul – Chee Cheong Fun (MYR6.50)

The stall originated from Penang and is known for its famous cendol but ZX told me that the Chee Cheong fun is the one best known for this outlet so we decided to give it a try. omg and yes it is super delicious! It’s super nice and chewy! I would safely say that this is actually the best Chee Cheong fun I have ever tried! Even better than the ones in Hongkong!
Also, the sauce was really delicious and nice, with a mixture of chili sauce and sweet sauce!! The price was also very reasonable for the large portion of food they give T_T Just take my money!!! I even called for an additional takeaway so that I can enjoy it at home !!! ❤ The staff was also super friendly and helpful! What’s best is that there’s free wifi!

Verdict: 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


2. Beans Talk – Oyster Mee Sua (MYR7.50)

I actually have a ” so near yet so far” feeling towards this shop. I have been to city square for so many times and never once did I NOT pass by this shop but also never did I once tried their food! haha ~ So ZX and I decided to give their mee sua a try. If you guys never heard of mee sua it’s actually a dish from Taiwan that mixes vermicelli with a thick soup based and oysters. So we decided to give the vegetarian oyster a try and …


  1. The oysters have a weird taste and smell. ( obviously not fresh *rolls eye* )
  2. We had to pay for GST in a small shop concept where everything is self-service and the only available tissues are by the counter?
  3. the vermicelli was so long that we had to use chopsticks to eat it. OMG hey this dish is supposed to be eaten using a spoon and not with a pair of chopsticks. The person obviously knew that’s why she didn’t give us any chopsticks but why in the hell is the vermicelli so long ?!!!

Verdict: 🤢🤢🤢

Totally not worth it for MYR 10+(after adding GST)


3. Sushi King (~MYR30-40)

One of my favorite outlet in City Square that sells affordable sushi with friendly staff ~ Furthermore, there would be a 20% off sushi, sashimi and temaki on weekdays, 3-6pm ^^ The sushi was served very quickly and super delicious! A 1litre green tea that can be shared cost only MYR 1.05! Even the other rice and ramen sets, as well as appetizers, were really affordable!

A few of my favorite dishes would be

Salmon sushi (Fresh!)

Soft Shell Crab Temaki ( Crispy and delicious!)

Egg Gunkan! (I’m not sure why and how but this outlet seems to really serve nice ones!)

Chicken Karage Gunkan ( An Innovative concept with crispy chicken topped with mayonnaise!)

Crabmeat sushi ? not sure what’s that called but it’s super delicious!

The sushi shop would often come up with new innovations with a theme that changes once in every 2-3 months. The last time I came it was softshell crab and now it’s the curry season! There were creations such as the curryforbia roll and so on. I wonder will there be any curry dessert HAHA but I don’t think so.

Oh ya, and if you are a cheese lover the cottage cheese pudding would really be a treat!

Verdict: 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


4. Secret recipe cakes

So after having our mains, it’s time for desserts !! Secret Recipe is a place where the most delicious cakes are found omg no joke. The variety of cakes available never fails to make my day ~ Also, there is a promotion going: from 3-5pm you would get a free coffee/tea with any purchase of cakes! Just add MYR 3 if you prefer other drinks!

The mango cake, in my opinion, would be the best cake to go for if you are a mango lover like me! For chocolate lovers, i would recommend the raspberry chocolate cake! For matcha lovers get the matcha cake! For cheesecake, lovers get the chocolate cheesecake!  If you are health conscious and feels sinful for eating fatty cakes, they even serve high fiber cheesecakes !!!

I tried the high fiber cheesecake and it’s delicious with a generous serving of healthy nuts in it! *Claps* Also, usually healthy cakes would be more expensive than normal cakes right? but guess what! The price is the same when compared to the rest of the cakes !!! Also, the tea was super nice !! With a pot served along with a ceramic cup ❤ ZX tried the chocolate cheese cake and she felt that it was delicious too! People out there , you don’t have to go hi-tea at those expensive restaurants already, just go to secret recipe! HAHAHA!


5. Hui Lau Shan

If you are a fan of durian or mango, this shop is for you! With a long heritage of IDK how many years, it’s a famous dessert shop in Hongkong! I’m not sure why doesn’t Singapore have this shop though but its perfectly fine with me for the fact that its cheaper in Malaysia HAHA. The desserts are on point, mango sweet, generous servings and staff was friendly. Prices were reasonable but just don’t eat their main course there! Don’t say I never warn you okay but sometimes when a place is just known for their desserts but not for their mains you know something must be wrong right? *winks* HAHAHA~

Verdict: 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


We went shopping afterward and here’s the loot full of facial masks and eye masks HAHA.

It was kinda crazy but yeah everything’s really cheap here! and guess how much I spent?  😀  SGD 14.10!!!! Can you believe it ?! INCLUDING THE SHOPPING ITEMS OMG! I’m not sure how much ZX spent because she bought a little more items (around SGD 20?) And so now you know what to do when you want to try a lot of food but wanna save money as well…


See ya guys!







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What to expect in Malacca’s Night Market? Part 2 of 2D1N Melaka trip~

So presenting … The night market of Malacca !!!!

PS, Click here for part one of the Malacca’s trip! ~

Click here for transportation and accommodation to Malacca!

The night market of Malacca is a place where you guys out there cannot miss if you are here in Jonker street! It’s only available from Friday to Sunday so if you guys are only here from Monday to Thursday then so sorry! 😂
What do you think of when you hear the word night market?

Well for me it’s just food and more food ! Of course there would be other merchandises and souvenirs found here too but well we usually would go there for the food right ! 😂
So I did some research on the web and they pointed out food that I cannot miss in the night market! So me and bf tried some of them! 😂

1. RM 1 street food on skewers!


So I’m not gonna lie but I actually regretted my choice as soon as i bought it because it was actually displayed in the open air which was kinda unhygienic ! I was too happy when i saw eggplant (my favorite) and furthermore it was RM 1 so i just bought it thinking that the owner would cook it or fry it or boil it but to my surprise he didn’t. I also bought the fish meat which was recommended by the owner. There were sauces beside the skewers. It was actually delicious but bf was skeptical about the level of hygiene and so after one bite he ordered me to throw it away. (because i bought it when he was looking away and he only got to see it after i took a bite from each HAHAHA #strategy)


The verdict after one bite :👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 minus 👍🏻  (because the way the food was displayed in open air was unhygienic)


2. Honey/Lemon Chicken Skewers

Okay as soon as we saw the signboard both of us nodded in agreement and dashed to buy those. We agreed that the honey chicken was more delicious as compared to the lemon chicken. Also, the stall owner was super friendly. She gave us tips on finding nice food and also chatted with us about her life in general. Her kids had to take long bus rides to school and some of the people actually just gave up on school and chose to help their parents in businesses. No worries people, they grilled the chicken, unlike the skewers that i mentioned before HAHA

Left- honey ; right – lemon

Verdict for lemon chicken: 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 ( Sauce is a little weird)

Verdict for Honey chicken: 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


3. Barbecued Quail Eggs

I actually found them to be okay. Its kinda disappointing because when i saw the pictures my hopes were raised. The eggs didn’t really have a stand-out taste and it was ordinary. Chili sauce was paired with the eggs and it was generally okay. The ones at Art Box were definitely better but still it was considered delicious :)!

Verdict: 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


4. Legendary RM 10 Watermelon Juice

So basically what the person would do is to drill a hole then blend the watermelon to juice inside the watermelon and then you would drink from the watermelon itself using a straw ! Hey that takes skills man! Especially when he has to ensure that no watermeon flesh is left! HAHAHA~ So we can have a taste of how the watermelon would taste before deciding whether we want it or not ! I was actually wondering would anyone really decline it HAHA .


Storekeeper: *Passes the person the watermelon to try after drilling it*

Person: *Takes a bite* No this one is not sweet. BYE.


Okay that would be quite funny coz i wonder what would be the fate of the not-so-sweet watermelon.


Verdict: 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


5. Fruit Tea in the 1960s

when i first saw this i was like really meh? 1960s? And so i asked the storekeeper and he laughed and said that it actually refers to the bottle. CHAY. hahaha~ Anyway we got the apple + peach flavor and it was delicious.

Verdict : 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


6. Liquid Nitrogen Ice cream

Also known as the dragon breath dessert, the dessert is made up of crispy biscuits and cookies of various flavors (such as corn or chocolate), and the liquid nitrogen creates the effect of smoke coming out of one’s mouth and nose when consuming it. Well i would say that it doesn’t suck but is not as good as the previous ones i tried and its a little overrated? The biscuits also taste soft and not crispy. :/

Verdict : 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


7. Special Coconut Ball

Okay if you are a fan of coconut just put down everything and rush to this store first. WHY? Because i am not a fan of coconut but i like this! So it shows alot about how good it is ! If you happen to try it on a bad day where its not to your liking then.. its definitely the wrong stall or the person is in a bad mood  ( not my fault uh!) HAHAHA~

So what the person would do is that he/she would toss the coconut up (Idk how and why) but its just very delicious so just eat it and enjoy the show HAHA

Picture of coconut ball credits to (Sorry didn’t take a pic 🙏🏻😅)

Verdict: Definitely 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻!


8. Cartoon lollipop


Okay so this is a very special lollipop because the more you eat it the more you will get to see a picture of the cartoon in it. (It could be stitch or winnie the pooh or mickey and so on..) So i bought it !

Other than the 8 items that i introduced, there are also various stalls that sells merchandises and food. They were also fishes, key chains and traditional shoes being sold at stalls ( wanted to buy the shoes but they didn’t have my size pfft )













I came across cute buns with chocolate and red bean fillings but im not really a fan of those fillings so i did not try it. Also there were fleas around it even though it was covered with plastic (wonder how they got in) so it may be unhygienic .  I also saw local delicacies like muah chee, po piah and kueh balu but i was not really in the mood to try those. Shirts were also sold at bargain-able prices & the stall owners were mostly friendly ^^

So this concludes my day at Malacca Night Market!

What to take note:

  1. Remember to avoid food that may have not be handled properly so you do not get a stomach upset ( This happened to me before in Thailand)
  2. Remember to bring an umbrella in case it rains
  3. Remember to keep your belongings safe with you!

And.. You are good to go! Have fun! ^^

Thanks for reading !

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What to expect in Melaka? Part One of 2D1N Malacca Trip!

Okay so after settling out accommodation and transportation, the next would be food! I actually researched and found food that we cant miss when we go to Malacca so well lets take a look at the verdicts and some other food that i discovered as well!

Click here for transportation and accommodation for Malacca! ❤

Disclaimer : This is mainly based on my personal opinion so no pun intended!

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-29 at 8.01.27 PM.jpeg

1. Chung Wah Chicken Rice

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-29 at 8.01.29 PM (1).jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-29 at 8.01.31 PM.jpeg

long queue ! we queued around 30 mins T_T

Okay this is one of the famous chicken rice stall that is known for its delicious riceballs and its smooth mouth-watering chicken. When me and bf went there, there was a long queue. okay firstly, singaoreans mindset, long queue means good right?


WhatsApp Image 2017-04-29 at 8.01.28 PM.jpeg

With high hopes and a fluttering heart i scowled upon the first bite.

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-29 at 8.01.30 PM (1).jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-29 at 8.01.30 PM.jpeg

Im sorry but it taste like sai (Dialect for shit)

okay well it will be better than sai because at least its edible *nods*

And its not cheap *frowns*

Okay firstly, i called for half chicken and im pretty sure me and bf only ate half of the half. Why? because its mainly bones !!! The chicken is neither smooth nor fragrant! Also, it smells! ( I’m not even joking my dear readers!)
Okay disclamer maybe the uncle is in a bad mood lor then anyhow chop the chicken but the chicken isnt even chopped properly!! I kinda observed how the uncle did it and he just went “PA PA PA PIAKKKK” then he press down at the chicken , throw in some sauce then serve it to us! HAHA. I mean i wouldnt mind if the chicken was delicious i swear! But sorry, it wasnt. I loved the Herbal Tea though! Its sweet !

Oh yeah and the riceballs. I can give you guys an acute description of how it taste.. okay imagine chicken rice + soya sauce + salt + glutinous rice ! Im sorry Chung Wah and their fans but i have to admit that Singapore has better chicken rice. Even JB has better chicken rice.

verdict: — thumbs up for the herbal tea though.

PS, i read online that Famosa chicken rice was not delicious but i have a mind to try it the next time im there ! any suggestions people ? 😀

2. Funny Egg Yummy Ice Cream

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-29 at 8.16.20 PM.jpeg

Okay firstly, neither the egg nor the ice cream isnt funny. The name is funny in a sense that neither the egg nor the ice cream is funny so the name is a joke itself. Gettit? (in short its just not funny o*o) I bought the lemon flavor.

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-29 at 8.16.20 PM (1).jpeg

So this is basically a sherbet in a cup. Its not even ice cream! HAHA !

but i would say that this is perfect and delicious especially when the weather is scorching hot! Also its just MYR 3! Its everywhere though so nothing really special about it.

Verdict: 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

3. One bite durian puff

Okay this is also everywhere and its recommended so i went to try it, and its really good! But then afterwards i texted a friend about it and she said its also available in JB and i was like..

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 7.07.40 PM.png

Yes that’s exactly how i felt.

And they still dare to put ” NO 1 ONLY IN MALACCA” lie to me issit. HAHA.

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-29 at 8.14.35 PM (1).jpeg

Still, the durian puff was delicious although i had trouble putting it into my mouth. Small mouth ma , my lips are sealed people *Winks* HAHA JOKE JOKE.

Verdict: 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 (one less thumbs up because its so common!)

4. Uncle Bing BBQ Corn


Okay people this is the most delicious corn i have ever eaten in my whole life!
so me and bf were walking and the shop’s concept attracted us because they actually burnt the corn.



But really it was ! And we didnt regret buying it ! We went for a second round later in the evening ! I would recommend trying the original one though! The flavored one isnt that good HAHA! Let the natural sweetness of the corn fill you HAHAHA ~ Oh ya and it originated from Taiwan *nods*


Verdict: 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

5. Uncle Keong Delicacies

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-29 at 8.31.59 PM.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-29 at 8.31.58 PM (1).jpeg

This is a dessert shop and they actually had recommendations from local celebrities like Jeanette Aw! The weather was so hot so we went in and tried their traditional desserts !

The lady boss was friednly , we sat and ordered a honey aloe vera and white fungus (i dont remember the name sorry)

Hey dont scowl at white fungus, its nutritious and delicious okay! HAHA !
Besides that, they also have shaved ice and other sweet drinks !

Verdict: 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

6.Hoko Chocolate Shop


Okay I actually went into this shop out of curiousity. Okay no im lying i went in because it says free tasting HAHA . *facepalms* Okay so the person actually gave me a free cocoa drink to try and its delicious ! The person also told me its the ONLY shop in Malacca. I was like really meh. Then the person nodded. The staff were really friendly. So what makes the shop so unique?


They actually grow their own cocoa plantations and established a brand with it.

Also they have a unique recipe that they use to immerse in the cocoa.

I actually tasted the chocolates and found nothing really special. Sorry sorry. Still, i bought some back for my friends because their mint one is not bad. HAHA. The cocoa powder is nice though so if you guys out there want any chocolate drink you can buy it from this place! 😀

7. Jonker 88 Laksa !

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-29 at 8.39.45 PM (1).jpeg





the amount if ingredients omg \>o</

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-29 at 8.39.46 PM (1).jpeg

okay guys if you love assam laksa, just rush down to this shop first okay HAHA
its really super delicious ! The shop is a traditional concept with old pictures of old idols on the walls with traditional artifacts being placed around ! They have traditional baba and nyonya laksa with ingredients in it that doesnt interfere with the taste of the laksa itself ! I got the baba + nyonya laksa and yes They actually mix the two together ! ^^ If its too spicy for you the shop also sells shaved ice which would sooth your throat and kill the spiciness in your mouth! One more reason besides the corn why would i come back to Melaka ! ^^



Verdict: 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

8. San Shu Gong

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-29 at 8.01.28 PM (1).jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-29 at 8.39.48 PM.jpeg

Unless you are really short or you are lost in your own world, you would notice this tall building around Jonker Street! Its called the “San shu gong” and in there you can buy alot of snacks back for your friends and family ~ Still, the main reason why im promoting this building is not for the sake of its snacks or souvenirs but the popular drink that they sell in there. This drink is known to be cooling and cures heatiness, and whats more its really delicious ! After eating and walking around for hours, this is the drink for you! we were super heaty but after drinking it we felt alot better, and before that we drank like 5-6 bottles of cooling water which didnt help *scowls* ! Its also not expensive and the staff are friendly to give you samples before you choose whether to buy it ! Bf preferred the honey lemon though from the same brand ! Nevertheless its really helpful and yummy !

Verdict : 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

9. Mamee Musuem





This actually attracted me ~ They had workshops to make your own mamee but its more for kids i think and bf felt that it wasnt really worth it because we only get to make the dough in the machine then they would fry the dough and we can bring home the pack and knowing me i wouldnt bear to eat it (its my work omg!). Also there were designated timings and a specific number of pax before the workshop can be conducted so we decided not to go for it. We went into the musuem though! And it was kinda fun! ^^ (Um but the mamee’s price is kinda steep hor)

Verdict: 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

10. Hard Rock Cafe


omg guys if you havent heard of hard rock cafe then now you know because i told you so. HAHAHA.. Okay so hard rock cafe is actually very known worldwide and im surprised that there is one here. I actually tried the food back in Singapore’s Hard Rock Cafe in Sentosa and its really good ! But the price also very good la (in a sarcastic way). Uusally it would go up to SGD 100-200 and that also means a hole in my pocket. So imagine that in malacca you can get the same quality of food but with the price divided by 3 T_T Okay just take my money hard rock.

So we ordered Strawberry Basil Drink because they claimed that it was popular and its really yummy! I can see why its on the popular list! We also ordered 2 meat’s platter (beef and chicken) and tacos ! My stomach was enjoying the whole process HAHAHA ~ Anyway sorry for the blur food pics coz i actually took a video but wordpress doesnt allow me to put vidoes for my plan >: So i had to screenshot the pic >.<

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-29 at 9.01.11 PM.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-29 at 9.01.12 PM.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-29 at 9.03.59 PM.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-29 at 9.04.29 PM.jpeg

ambience? Good. Staff? Friendly.Food? Very good.

And guess what they have set lunches $_$ Imagine the amount of money you can save. Bye Singapore hard rock. HAHAHA ~

I came across some food stalls but didnt really try it because it didnt appeal to me much or i was really full at that moment ! But you guys may wanna try it ^^

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-29 at 9.10.01 PM (1)

Okay i heard that this tau sar ping is really famous but im not a fan of tau sar ping so i never tried it haha !

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-29 at 9.10.01 PM

This is actually an interesting concept , with curry in the bread HAHA but we were too full so we didnt buy it T.T Maybe next time !

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-29 at 9.10.02 PM

Cute ice cream!

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-29 at 9.10.03 PM

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-29 at 9.10.04 PM (1)

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-29 at 9.10.04 PM

Will be posting part 2 soon! Do look forward to it ! ^_^ Thanks for taking the time to read ! ❤

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How to get to Malacca ?

hi peeps ! Sorry for the lack of updates because i am currently having my exams!

So a few months back me and boyfriend came across a brochure that featured Malacca and we were really interested because we have heard from people that Malacca is a fun place to go to ( with nice sceneries and delicious food). However we did not want to follow a tour so we decided to research and go on the trip on our own ^^

and so.. presenting .. Malacca!


ps, Click here to move onto the street food in malacca !

Click here for the food in the night Market of Malacca!


I actually googled Malacca and here is the background information/history if anyone is keen ! And oh by the way, Melaka is the malay spelling , the english spelling would be Malaccca but well if you google the spelling both ways are alright !


How to get there?

For rich people or those who have cars, you can use your own vehicle and book one. Okay then you can stop reading and move onto the food/places of interest section of my blog HAHAHA

for those who want to travel by bus, you can actually travel from Singapore or Malaysia.

1. If you are travelling from Singapore

It would definitely be more expensive because you are paying in SGD ( price ranges from SGD 30-40).

You can simply google buses to Malacca from Singapore and there would be options online. I would not suggest buying on the spot because there might not be seats left and you would have to wait so why waste your time right?

There are various places for the buses pick up point and you can choose one that is nearest to your place ! ( The price would definitely be different according to the distance that the bus would have to travel)

Click here to book from Singapore !

2. If you are travelling from Malaysia

I would actually advise this for people staying near to Malaysia. ( and of course if you are a Malaysian) I live in Woodlands and the checkpoint is really near to me so i chose this option!

Also, the price for each ticket is really cheap! At MYR 20-30 (depending on the timing and your bus) , so if you divide it by 3.. people do the calculations omg #auntiemode

After passing the check point, you can either opt to take a bus from Larkin Terminal or JB Sentral. There will be tickets there and buses are frequent !

There is also a website selling the tickets from JB Sentral/Larkin to Melaka but i once read that someone actually booked his ticket but the booking wasnt recorded when he showed the person there his confirmation email (?)

There are pros and cons to everything but if you are travelling on a non public holiday or not during peak hours i would suggest to get the ticket on the spot.

However, during peak hours, its better to reserve a seat online right?

Click here to book your ticket from Larkin/JB Sentral to Melaka!

For my case, i went to Larkin terminal and bought a ticket there. There were really many options but the prices were all the same. I have actually done alot of research online regarding the best coach to take but honestly it really depends on your luck. Some coaches may be from the same company but there is a difference in the quality depending on how well they are maintained.

Luckily for me and bf, we had no problems with the coaches *yay*

we arrived at larkin terminal around 9.20am and the nearest timing for the bus was around 10am so we bought our bus tickets ~ We went by the S&S company and bf jokingly remarked that it meant shit & shit but at the end of the bus ride we concluded it to be smooth and smooth HAHAHA


The 10am bus ! So before that we went to macdonalds for breakfast!

so yeah this is one of the reasons why i love malaysia ! Same food same quality same store name but the price so different one !!!

MYR 18.10 which equals SGD 6+ for one big breakfast and one sausage egg muffin with two ice lemon tea !!!! ❤

Anyway the bus was comfortable and air con was good ! The bus was clean and the bus driver was friendly! The bus trip took around 2h 45 mins and we had a toilet break! ^^



and so when we alighted at melaka bus terminal, we took a taxi to jonker street!
Okay so here is where you have to be careful! The taxis in malacca have no meter so the drivers may hike the prices. I actually researched and the recommended pricing is MYR 12 but sadly 5 taxis passed by and all of them said MYR 20. Okay i think they kinda standardized the price to MYR 20 but i kinda nego-ed it to MYR 18, made a few tourist friends and they said the same so yeah.

Anyway here we are at Jonker street!

and so firstly i would like to talk about accomodation

We stayed at Hangout @ Jonker and i absolutely loveee the place !


Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 6.30.37 PM.png

1. Its cheap! at only SGD 39+ !
2. Its clean!
3. Staff are friendly!
4. No noise pollution!
5. Convenient! It’s in the middle of Jonker street!


1. Breakfast is limited (only toast and condiments) but seriously if you are located around places with food just buy the food outside back to the hotel HAHA!

2. Room may be very simple (for those who wants fancy room and big space)

But still guys, its a steal for less than SGD 50 and its located so conveniently near the famous chicken rice stalls and hard rock cafe ! The church is just a 3 min walk? And the night market is just a 1 min walk??

so yeah *coughs* faster book yeah before its taken up HAHA

I shall continue the food in another post ! so stay tuned while i consolidate the yums !