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Yingyi’s 21st! 

so this is probably my first post about lifestyle HAHAHA
Went to Yingyi’s birthday party today! and it was fun ! ❤️ I loved the food there and the people there were nice too hahaha 😂😂 oh and not to mention one of my friends won the championship yay well done!

So well at the end of the birthday party , all of us went in to take pictures 😂
And me & shixian were like nooo coz usually pictures don’t turn out fine for us 😂 因为自己拍的永远都会是自己最美的角度,自己最满意的角度~
and when we looked at the pictures , 
Me: why my fringe like that 

Her : I look fat
Then we started to laugh , and laugh 😂 and she got mad coz she’s asking me whether 我在默认她 fat 😂😂 
突然觉得友谊就是这样的,简简单单。不是因为你美,不是因为你聪明,不是因为你有钱,更不是因为利益,最重要的不是因为你完美,而是虽然从中看到了缺陷,还是能从心底接受不完美的你 ❤️
以前看到头发乱的我应该会抓狂,但如今不知道为什么,却觉得温馨~ ☺️
Ps, 我没喝醉啊!!!!

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Kanshoku Ramen Bar

Ever since I heard of dry truffle ramen, I have been craving to try it and so after a long time , I’m finally here !!!

I never really knew what truffle was , but I know that it is an expensive gourmet after watching “Master chef” 😂 so I kinda googled and found out that truffle is a kind of fungus ? 😳 and it takes 20-30 years for it to grow ?? read more by clicking here 🤗 

So yeah let’s move on.

Kanshoku Ramen Bar

277 Orchard Rd Orchard Gateway

#01-06 Singapore 238858

And so it’s a shop that is famous for both its dry & soup based truffle ramen ~ but I’m here to try the dry based one because soup ramen is kinda common I guess ? 🤔

This is how the concept of the shop looks like ! Photo (above) credits to exploding belly 😊

We were given a list to take our orders ! 

For those of you who wants the menu, here it is! 😊

And here comes the dry truffle ramen! 

First bite and I was amazed by the delicious taste ! It was really delicious but I would like to warn peeps out there that the truffle taste is really strong so you would probably want to avoid this if you are not a fan of truffle or even mushrooms ! But if you are a fan of truffle then go on and get it!😍

Also I would like to thank the staff for being so friendly and accommodating ! 😊

Okay ya so this is truffle ! 

The charsiew is super delicious and soft , the noodles just right and the egg on point ! 😍

Just take my money! Haha!

Besides that, I also called for yuzu lemon juice and it was delicious! 👍🏻

The Japanese green tea was well .. a normal green tea I guess ? I never really met with any disgusting green tea before 😳 I mean usually the shop would use tea leaves or tea sachets to make the tea so it’s literally impossible to make green tea that’s super bad (?) unless the green tea has expired~

Anyway moving on to the chicken wings , I would say that it’s one of the best chicken wings I ever had!
 the crispy skin on the outside and the tender juicy meat on the inside just makes me wanna have more 😍 the chicken wings are being marinated with sake, soy sauce, mirin & sugar ! That’s why they have a strong taste !! 


Nagoya chicken wings! ♥️

Stomach… prepare yourself !! 😂

pic of the whole set! Yum! 😍
Verdict : 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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WHAT TO EXPECT IN ARTBOX 2017 at Marina Bay ? ♥️

So my previous post stated that I went to art box but it was so crowded that I didn’t get to do anything so this time I went earlier with my friends !
Yayyy We got to explore until the crowd came in at around 6.30-7pm!

So introducing artbox again… *drumrolls*


12 A bayfront Avenue

Singapore 018970

Nearest MRT exit : Bayfront Exit E

okay so I saw the news and they stated that more stores have been added and 2 rows of shops were moved to increase the amount of space.

And things were a lot better as compared to the first time I went – less crowded , more space
Well the crowd came in after 6.30-7? And you know it’s worse than being in a sauna !! 😵 even though its nighttime and it’s supposed to be cooling wth~

I was sweating profusely until I saw a lady holding onto two portable fans with a few more in her transparent plastic bag (no I’m not even kidding wth) 

Anyway just remember to bring portable fans people if you are the type that cannot stand the heat! ~

Also please bring water bottles okay! Because mineral water are going at $2 per bottle 😳 and $3 for chilled ones 😳 

anyway , it was a fun trip for me in general~ 

So… let’s go!

More space to walk..

So this is the first few stores that we encountered .whats a Thailand food market without Thai milk tea right ?
There was a queue infront of this store so we kinda assumed that it will be nice #singaporeansmindset
And so we queued for it but one of my friends were suggesting that we buy from the next store because we didn’t want to waste time so there we went! 🤗

It’s nice ! 😍

There were a lot of stores selling Thai milk tea ~ besides Thai milk tea, there were other Thai delicacies such as pad Thai, Mango sticky rice and kueh!

We bought mango sticky rice from this store because we heard that it was the best one around ! 🙂

Came across this multi-colored sticky rice ~ #somethingnew
Besides Thai delicacies , food from various countries (including Local ones HAHA) were also sold in artbox!

Duchess potatoes from Belgium!!
The lady boss explained that this is a delicacy from Belgium! So basically potatoes were mashed , fried, seasoned with seaweed and paired with scrambled eggs . It sounded so delicious that we couldn’t resist but to buy one …

And omg it’s really delicious ! The potatoes weren’t too oily , they were crispy and nice ! The eggs were delicious and just right ! Just take my money! 😂

Verdict : 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

First thought : omg 😳 I definitely have to buy that!

Well I was under the assumption that it’s actually a real scotch egg 😂 but no it’s actually breaded chicken with a normal egg in it modeling after a scotch egg ~ 😂
Nevertheless , it was delicious and we didn’t regret buying it !! The crackers were also crispy and delicious!
Verdict: 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Truffle fries !!

Sweet potato truffle fries
I would prefer the sweet potato truffle fries though! Although if some of you like the strong truffle taste ,  the truffle fries may be a better option but personally I find it a little too strong !  😊

Okay so this is supposed to be a delicacy from the sea (?) I never actually heard of this before but it’s known as the sea grapes seaweed (?) and is good for metabolism !

Since it’s our first time buying , we decided to buy the small bowl to try it out ! There would be a sauce that comes with the sea grapes (choose one from the menu!) We chose the soy sesame sauce !
And here you go!!

It tastes funky!! so imagine the taste of seawater + fish roe + seaweed and there you go , the taste of sea grapes!! 😂

it’s addictive though well at least to me and one of my friends . The other found it to be disgusting . 😂
Verdict : 👍🏻👍🏻

Okay so we came across this dessert store that sells rainbow macaroons and it looks awesome ! 😍  so we decided to get one to try! (Okay only me actually because my friends are not a fan of macarons ! ) HAHA

They have flavors like earl grey, Oreo cream cheese and bla bla (I cannot rmb 😂) but I bought the earl grey flavor and as you can see it’s really filled with a thick layer of earl grey cream 😊

Much as I couldn’t bear to eat this pretty little thing , my stomach was already sending warning signals so yeah here you go stomach 😂
Anyway the macaron was delicious! It would be better if it was refrigerated though!

Verdict : 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

So after all the food we were thirsty and came across this! 😍

The paddlepop drink caught my eye and i told my friends that I wanted that initially! However we kinda found out that the paddlepop were mostly made out of Bandung flavored syrup and I’m not really a fan of Bandung so we decided to change it to captain America !!

The third one from the bottom left ! 😆

The paddelepop drink looks nice though! Just that I’m not a fan of Bandung ! Bandung fans gogo! 👍🏻😆

Captain America!!! 😍♥️

Okay the drink was delicious omgz . The combination was right on point and yummy 😍
Verdict : 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Spotted anything you would want from this store ? 😏😏😏😏

Well if you guys are mentaiko lovers like us , you would already be screaming 😂 (no of course I’m exaggerating ) but we absolutely love mentaiko so we definitely would queue for this !

So they mixed the quail eggs in a bowl then cook it like takoyaki ! (Innovative yeah!)

Oh ya and before i forget , they also sell wanton quail eggs ! 😋

The wanton quail eggs(not mine 😅)

So Yeap this is how it’s done!! 😍

The verdict?
OMG ITS DAMN YUM! The mentaiko melts in your mouth!!!
Verdict : 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Okay so we decided to take a break from food because we were full so we went onto the merchandise section 😂

These cute little keychains are actually made by the deaf! 😊

Do support them! The keychains are also reasonably priced at $3,$5 and $8 according to sizes!

We got a batman with us ! 😆 ($5)

Omg this lady hand paint the bags! Talent spotted !!!!

It’s really cute isn’t it? And it looks so real 😍 give me a paintbrush and the only thing I could come up with would probably just be a heart shape 😂😂 (*shakes head at myself)

I love that slogan! 😂👍🏻

This is another store that sells merchandise made by lower income families 🙂 it’s sold at a steeper price though because it’s handmade delicately with threads 🙂

First thought: what is this bottle cap for ?

Cover yourself from the rain? 😂😂 idk?

Microwave pots ? Interesting !



Even flowers? Okay yes the haze is here time to use some power plants 😈

Dog food ?

And henna 😍
so after walking around we kinda got hungry again and walked back to the food section ..

Banana cheese ? The combination kinda made induced a flip in my stomach #nogo but if you guys are a fan go on and try it and tell me the result ! 😆

I actually tried this before ! (There’s another outlet in Orchard ion.. not sure whether it’s the same outlet..) It’s not bad but didn’t felt like eating at that moment  !

Galaxy doughnuts for $3 !

it isn’t those you know $1 doughnuts you see outside .. it’s really kinda small? And so we concluded that $3 is not worth it 🤔 The other galaxy items were kinda priced steeply too!

Okay the nonsense Free made me LOL-ed! I probably need one 😂 (coz I’m really nonsensical)

Thai tea kaya 😳??

Sampled the Thai tea kaya but it’s super sweet hahaha ! 😵😵

Seems delicious but the price is kinda not worth it ($4) 🤔 so probably not

Kebab!! 😆
and to more food that we tried ..

Yes it’s getting dark and it’s sushi time!

What’s more it’s mentaiko sushi!

YESSSS that’s how they flame it!

Mentaiko scallop! It’s tender on the inside and the mentaiko sauce melts in your mouth!!!

Cream Cheese sauce maki!


The mentaiko maki will be the best!!! Finished it in a few seconds , what more can I say? 😍😍

verdict : 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

The drink that lights up ! Super pretty in the dark! 😍

There’s actually a lot of liquid nitrogen stores lying around and this one featured PM lee😂! So cute!

this stall “I want my noodles” is actually a traditional handmade concept noodle shop found in Shaw centre 🙂 (will be doing its review soon!)

Lola’s cafe and kook’s creamery also came to join in the fun! 😍

People people everywhere .. the crowd starting coming in at around 6.30 and it was really crowded at around 7 >< we had little space to walk & had to keep moving ~

and that, we decided to go home since we already finished touring the whole place ! 😊

And so, signing off with a full stomach  ! 😂😂 bye!


Timetable cafe ! 

When I first heard the world timetable .. it reminds me of school work ?! *shivers* but yes ! You can bring your school work during the non peak hours to this cafe 😂 

So I first spotted this cafe on Groupon #auntiemode and I must say that with Groupon I really get the best deal out of it 😱

Timetable cafe

#01-726 , 456 Jurong West street 41, 640456

A 10 min walk away from lakeside MRT

The Groupon deal comes in two types 

1. $10 for $20 voucher 

2. $25 for $50 voucher

If you have more people with you, option 2 is probably the safer one !

I would usually go with only one of my friends so I would usually buy the first one !

So let’s move onto the menu.. 

everything is reasonably priced, mostly below $10 ~ omg actually everything is below $10 except for the sirloin steak at $12.90 which is perfectly reasonable ! 

The ambience is good . Staff are friendly and we have free plain cold water (self service) by the side ! 
Personally, I tried most of the dishes and I would prefer the carbonara ($6.80) or the chicken baked rice ($5.80). I’m not sure why but the salmon and seafood baked rice always have watery cheese which is disgusting 😡

The tomato based spaghetti on the other hand , doesn’t have a nice taste as compared to carbonara . 

The western styles are mainly okay.

The mushroom soup($3.20) is delicious! 

The garlic bread ($2) is nice ! The salmon salad ($5.90) was relatively okay . The honey chicken wings ($5) are delicious !! 

The sodas are funky and the best coffee would be cappuccino ! The staff there are friendly! they made a bear design for me ! 😂

On the other hand , the desserts aren’t very nice in my opinion. But for the price range of ($3-5) , it’s more than enough 😆


The cuppacino and cakes I ordered!

Bear design!! 

Meatball spaghetti that my friend ordered ~ was alright I guess! (Didn’t get to take a pic before it was distorted sorry haha 😆)

Honey chicken wings! Yum! 

Baked rice !! My favorite ! 

Salmon salad!

Grapefruit soda! Was alright !

Friend called for matcha latte ! 

Carbonara was delicious! 

Seafood aglio olio! Nothing special but was okay! 
😍 usually me and my friend would get 2 mains 2 soup and a garlic bread . We wouldn’t get drinks because we are okay with plain water. $5 for 1 main 1 soup and 2 slices of garlic bread !! Where to find !! 😂😂 hurry and visit the store today! 😍


CP gourmet chicken green curry with rice 

So one day mh was staying over and somehow we talked until 10.30pm (?) and we realized we didn’t get any dinner 🤦🏻‍♀️ actually technically we did but it’s snacks HAHA and my family was out for some event that I didn’t go because school was off late.

And so we decided to go to the nearby 7-11 or cheers for food! Thankful for the convenience food that serves as emergency hunger proposes HAHA especially for someone like me who always get hungry.

And we went to cheers and this time I didn’t want to carbonara or spaghetti . I was craving for rice but I didn’t want Briyani and so i went in further to the frozen section of the store . And.. Guess what!! I saw this! 

Okay so after I have been to Thailand and tried their green curry, I have became a fan! (Not a fan literally wth haha but I came to love this dish!! )

I was kinda skeptical about how the food would taste after being microwaved but I dismissed the though because it’s CP right ? Think of the wanton soup and siew Mai 😍 nothing big could possibly go wrong ba~ 

So I unveiled the package ..

And microwaved it ~

Let’s zoom in to the curry..

First thought was : huh why so much rice de and so little curry?! 

Still I wouldn’t mind if the curry was delicious but ..


🤦🏻‍♀️ I regretted my choice instantly after one bite.

– rice was hard . Tried microwaving it again and still it tasted hard . It may be due to the fact that it was stored for a long time in the freezer?

– curry had not much taste. (Not enough curry paste ) 🤦🏻‍♀️

– very little chicken considering the amount of rice ~

-chicken was okay though.. so-so

I couldn’t even finish the rice because it was too dry and I finished the chicken before the rice despite cutting into smaller pieces and eating it with the rice! 🤦🏻‍♀️

So sorry CP but seriously you should change the position where the rice and ingredients were placed 🤦🏻‍♀️

money burnt unwillingly : $5.80

Mang on the other hand was laughing while eating her carbonara from cheers 😢 

lesson of the day: 不要乱买! Haha! 


Godiva summer choco-elixir!! (Blueberry)

Okay so… 


Taken from Godiva webpage ! Sorry if it’s blur but yeah you get it ~

In Reality…

🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m sorry but it’s probably my fault for opting it without cream HAHA and so the chocolate syrup diffused down the drink.. Also, where is my red berry design?!!! 😨 where is my Godiva chocolate that’s supposed to act as a symbol for my drink?! 

Credits to my friend for blending it for me ! 😍 Yeap friend is working in godiva ! 😆

When I first asked my friend about the drink , he remarked that the drink was disgusting. 

Well it kinda made me curious so I decided to give it a try. Also, I’m a fan of berries so … 

The verdict:

It shouldn’t be called a berry drink😂 it should be called a naughty (nutty) drink ! 😆 I tasted so many nuts in it that I may become nuts !! (Okay I’m joking ~ ) 

Anyway the berry taste was very Minimal although I can smell it. The focus is still mainly on the nut bits though.. or Isit crushed chocolate ? I should ask my friend about it 😂 the taste is still alright to me though.. it is kinda.. funky ?! 🤔 but I would recommend the hot chocolate drink! It’s delicious! 😍

Cash that my friend burned : $9 
Thank you friend for the treat !!!💓


The Tea Party Cafe

 The tea party cafe !!!

#01-07 , 805 Bukit Timah Rd, 279883

So me and zx kinda spotted this cafe online and decided to explore the cafe after school! 

It took us a 5min walk to get there from sixth avenue MRT station.

And so when we stepped into the cafe. we were 😳! There’s mixed feelings though! Yeah sure the cafe looks good but the sofa is kinda old . There’s a table between a low sofa and chair which is much higher at the back of the cafe .. well it’s kinda weird to sit opposite of your friends right ? (Judging from the height difference of the sofa and chair) Unless there’s really a lot of height difference . Short people .. you finally have a day that you don’t have to look up at the taller peeps 😂😂 ask them to sit on the sofa and they might be the ones looking up to you 😂! 

Here’s an illustration of how it looks though.. 

Anyway the cafe has a big shelf with magazines and it’s a two storey cafe! There’s postcards leading to the staircase and you can take it for free! Aunties 们来吧!! 😂

Zx and I  preferred the first storey for the fact that it was noisy upstairs . Also it was kinda unfurnished.. only with chairs and tables 🤔  we also preferred the music that was soothing downstairs but that music was being replayed throughout the whole meal!?  😂 still it was alright I guess ~

Anyway back to the food .. well the food was reasonably priced ! Most of the dishes on the menu are  below $10.. um we didn’t know that the ala carte comes with a soup and drink because it wasn’t reflected on the menu .. but luckily we kinda asked and Yeap that’s how we got our onion soup and drinks! 

so I ordered a carbonara and zx ordered seafood spaghetti cream

Well the onion soup was delicious! When it first arrived it reminded me of herbal soup and I was kinda wondering .. eh? Wasn’t this supposed to be a western restaurant? When I tried it , I was amazed because it tasted like mushroom soup! Omg ! 😂 it was delicious !! 😍😋

The spaghetti was also delicious but I feel that the portion may be a little small! Still it was alright for the price ^^! 

I would recommend you guys to not get the seafood spaghetti because it only has 3 prawns and a sotong(squid) for $9.90 with cream sauce . I don’t think it’s really worth it as compared to carbonara which is $8.90 with a generous helping of bacon! 😍 well chicken chop should be alright too if you guys hate/don’t take bacon! ☺️

And then we moved onto the dessert…

So the lady recommended us Oreo cheese cake but me and zx felt that we wanna try red velvet cake . Although the lady warned us it may be too sweet!! 

Shit I forgot to take a pic of the red velvet cake but yeah it looks like this..

Sourced from google~

Well yes it was but it’s delicious ! And with every ala carte ordered you can get $1 off desserts ! Just take my money alr ! 🤣
Amount of money burned : ~$11+

I heard that there’s different outlets! Do share your experience with me yeah! 😆